Long Range Card, DimensionFL90.2mm~58.5mm~5.8mmC read range 3-15meters, standard button buttery supply, can be used on general readers.

  • OCB101T long range card reader which identify the card equipped with battery only is a series which researched by adopting the most advanced international Blue-tooth technology with standard Wiegand output
  • The corresponding working Frequence is 2.4G.
  • It character with exquisite appearance, low power consumption, quick card read response, long card read distance (which diameter range from 3-5 M ),strong penetrability for the non-metal material, multi-cards simultaneous read ability, lightning-proof protection, and excellent ability to anti-interrupt for static electricity with stable characteristc.
  • This product is used in Parking lot barrier/waste-deposit/drive training lots/vehicle security check in Army/Taxi Anti-Counterfeit/student attendance field etc..
  • Parking lot barrier/waste-deposit/drive training lots/ Army vehicle security check in system should choose the ground inductive circuit with the long range card reader which read card twice a second to submit the card No. . Taxi Anti-Counterfeit/student attendance/meeting attendance/exit &entrance barrier should choose the long range card reader which read card twice a second.
  • SDK:There are various long range card readers for your option according to the different environment , The powerful technology we possess would contribute for the SDK according to the different requirements of our customers.
Dimension Streamline design with exquisite appearance
Weight 60g
Color Dark grey/ white、silver grey
Power Supply DC9-12V,static Power Supply≤20mA, dynamic Power Supply(punch card) ≤30mA
Working Frequence 2.4GHz
Card Read Distance 3-15M(subject to the working environment)
Output Mode Standard Wiegand(26/34/36/44BM for your option or Rs232
Transmit Distance Wiegand 200M,RS
Protection Measure Anti-protect fuse、Semi-conduct lightning-proof tube 、 seclusion protection
Environment temperature storage temperature 40℃-85℃,Working Temperature20℃-60℃
Related Humidity 0%-90%,100% Humidity-proof disposal