HDMI Extender over single CAT5e/6

  • Input /Output:1x HDMI,1x LAN,
    LAN1-LAN4 in TX: they can be connected  4pcs Receivers with network signal as output.
    LAN1-LAN4 in RX: Any of the LAN port as network signal input,the others 3pcs LAN ports can be connected to cascade more receivers with network signal as output.
  • Standard TCP/IP,it is with good compatibilty of network equipment and good for network transmission and extension.
  • Supports Ethernet bandwidth:100m
  • HDCP compliant; Audio sample rate: 44.1KHz,48KHz;
  • Video compressing format: M-JPEG.
  • Transmission delay: withing 70ms for direct connection with TX and RX.
  • Network data transmission rate: up to 80MHz at the highest resolution.
  • Support HDMI resolution input:


  •  Support HDMI resolution output: 480p@60Hz;576p@50Hz;720p/1080p@50/60Hz
  • Extends by router connection of LAN connection, cable length requirements are as follows:
    CAT5 Maximum 80m between two Devices
    CAT5e Maximum 100m between two Devices
    CAT6 Maximum 120m between two Devices