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The installation of security equipment Nodac of Technology. Including CCTV, alarms and access control should be carried out by people trained in the fields of computing and / or electronic security in general, or trained by qualified personnel of OCB.

What is CCTV?

Closed Circuit Television is a group of cameras, monitors and accessory equipment that work together as a system and are interconnected by various types of cables.

EXview Camera

Low profile, ceiling mounted self-contained camera package including lens and power supply. Camera is adjustable within the housing for perfect aiming. Plug and play ease of installation.

What is the purpose of CCTV?

It is a tool used to protect people, property, enhance safety, and improve productivity.

C/CS Cameras

Fully functional camera with a built-in lens on a Printed Circuit Board. These cameras are not in a housing. Useful for concealing and building into custom applications.

Varifocal Camera

A camera whose lens allows for the adjustment of the field of view. This camera can zoom in and out

Waterproof Camera

Bullet camera that can be placed underwater or in extremely damp/wet conditions where a normal weatherproof camera might leak. Applications include pipe inspection, refrigerated rooms, restaurant kitchens, marinas, etc.

Observation Systems

Complete packages that include camera, monitor, mounting bracket, cable. Power supplies, etc.

Bullet Camera

Bullet or Board camera using special lens that allows it to see out of a small (1/16th of an inch) opening. Useful for discreet and hidden applications as well as when a large depth of field is required

Are CCTV Systems Complicated?

For the most part, today’s modern equipment is self-adjusting and has a long trouble-free lifespan. Packaged cameras (such as a bullet camera) are self-contained units that include the lens, mounting bracket, housing and power supply in a single box. CCTV has become a “plug & play” market.